Orientation China Guidebook 2013

The third edition of the Orientation China Guidebook is the definitive source of information for companies seeking to enter or expand into the Chinese market. In addition to China market research, administrative rules and regulations, tax procedures and case studies, the Guidebook offers practical advice from veteran members of AmCham Shanghai and from our own experienced team of experts. This latest Guidebook covers new topics such as social media and cultural differences in the workplace and explains how AmCham Shanghai can support your business in China.

Orientation China Guidebook is available as a free ebook for Apple iOS devices and Barnes & Noble Nook!

FIRST STEPS to doing business in China            
1. Market Trends: Keeping track of the business climate
2. The Business Structure: Approaches to entering the Chinese market
3. Risk Management: Reading Backwards to Assess Risk
4.Tax Considerations: China tax and business structure

5.   Site Selection: Building a new facility                    
6.   What Consumers Want Today: Second tier cities
7.   HR: Finding the right talent                    
8.   Teaming Up: Finding a business partner        
9.   Real Estate Issues: What newcomers must consider before entering China
10.    The Web: The social media landscape  

11.   Politics: Working with the Chinese government                          
12.   Exporting to China: US government services    
13.   Labor: Employment Law in China    
14.   China Customs: Navigating your way             

15.   Cultural Equation: Cross cultural issues for executives        
16.   Small Business: Resources and challenges                        
17.  Yangtze River Delta: Setting up shop in the YRD                             
18.   CSR: The importance of CSR in China                
19.   Family: School, health and friends

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