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Shanghai Office
Building 2A, Nr. 66 Chunzhong Road, Xinzhuang Industrial Zone, Minhang District
201108 Shanghai

Company Branding Name

Flupac Piping Systems International Co., Ltd.

Company Description: 

Flupac Piping System is a leading global company specializing in supply of hydraulic pipe work solutions for all types of hydraulic or gas pressure powered system installations. We manufacture non-welding and welded piping technologies ensuring a clean and quick installation, and bringing cost-effective and quality products to our clients.

We provide a complete range of services including:

-           Engineering design

-           Material and component selection

-           Prefabrication

-           Site installation

-           Flushing and Pressure tests

Driven by ensuring the best quality for our clients, Flupac can supply complete required documentation packages as required by specific industry applications. We have the ABS type approval for our non-welded products, and we are finalizing the process of DNV, LR, GL and other types of approval. We have been dedicated to providing efficient and competitive solutions to industrial projects designed to meet our clients’ individual requirements. Therefore, we are always working on improving our industry standard quality management system ISO 9000.

We are convinced that the best results are obtained by creating a teamwork oriented and value driven working environment for our employees. Our strength is not only in the quality of products and level of professionalism of our employees; it also lies in our responsiveness to our clients' challenges.

Flupac Piping System is focused on ensuring that our products meet your specific individual requirements and providing less energy consuming solutions that are safer for the environment. 

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