Company Branding Name

PTL Group

Company Description: 

PTL Group is a sales and distribution incubator, and fulfillment logistics provider for SMEs entering China. As a strategic partner, PTL Group supports companies selling advanced technology products in B2B markets by providing management services and operational infrastructure to its clients.

Offering the Management-in-Trust business model, PTL Group supports companies in different stages of their penetration into the market. With the capability of supporting clients through its own entities and infrastructure, PTL Group manages a wide range of business operations including logistics, assembly lines, warehousing and distribution, invoicing, shared offices, financial services, recruitment, marketing and human resources management.

Sales & Distribution

  • Recruitment of an experienced sales team
  • Full legal employment
  • Fully equipped and supported office space
    = China Market Entry Sales Incubation

Fulfillment Solutions

  • Import, warehousing & distribution
  • Local invoicing & collection
  • Repatriation of profits
  • Holding front stock near your target market
    = China Import, Logistics and Financial Management

We cater to these industries and more:

Medical Equipment, Software & Hardware, Electronics,Cleantech, Industrial Machinery, Water Treatment, Automotive, Agro Machinery, Construction, Training, Chemical, Robotics

Watch the WEBINAR: Do You Really Need to Set Up a China Entity?

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Yoav Chernitz, Matrix Global China CEO at Matrix Global , Shanghai City, China

PTL Group’s financial services allowed me, as GM of John Bryce Training China, more available time to focus on the core business related issues. As the Training division of matrix – a listed company on TASE, we require monthly P&L and cash flow reports prepared by PTL. Beside the services mentioned above, I found myself consulting with PTL’s Chinese CFO for several occasions. His advice, solutions and considerations were specific, considerate and valuable, as if he was part of our company.

Ram Weingarten, China General Manager

Arie (Schreier, VP Sales &Marketing) knows China. Through his vast management experience Arie can pinpoint the pitfalls common to foreign companies (and how to mend them) not from management books but from real life experience; he is one of the first people I turn to discuss issues here.

Jan Molenkamp | 莫伦刚, Owner at ABC Turnaround

During various projects I have worked with Arie and the PTL team. I got to know Arie as a highly diplomatic, patient, intelligent and diligent executive, forming the pivot point of PTL's sales and downstream activities. Arie's global cultural and China specific experience is enormous. In my opinion Arie is a high value asset for PTL Group.

Zachi Lichtblau, China Legal Adviser

I have known Arie since 2006 and have found him to be a hardworking professional with exceptional people skills. As a service provider Arie always strives to provide his clients with the best standards of care (not an easy task when considering the chaotic nature of the Chinese business environment) and puts his attention to what they need in order to improve their business.

Certifications and Awards: 

ATTA 2012 (SME) "Transformation of 2012"


November 2012

PTL Group Ltd won this award for presenting an innovative transformation methodology suitable for international companies in China

ATTA 2011 (SME) Turnaround Project of the Year


October 2011

The award was given for the "Turnaround project of the year" in Asia. The turnaround of a European manufacturing subsidiary in China. PTL Group introduced new models for increasing efficiency and effect while assuming P&L responsibility over the company for 7 months. The work done prepared the company for a successful sale to new investors.