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The Premium Subscription to The American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai’s Virtual Trade and Investment Center is available to users globally with particular appeal to SMEs on the ground in the U.S. or in China to connect and interact with AmCham Shanghai and the wider business community in China. The subscription allows for access to all current areas with appeal to both U.S.-based SMEs but also service providers and those seeking opportunities and/or requiring services in either China or the U.S. A Premium Subscription enables you to maintain and self-manage a dynamic company listing on the site, reply to projects posted by other subscribers, post and view projects and have access to resource areas.

Wire Transfer - RMB6,850 per year

Local Banks

  1. Email with "Proforma Invoice" in the subject line and include your company name.
  2. Please tick "applicant" in "Bank charge column" when fill out wire transfer form.
    Bank Name: 中国银行上海南京西路第三支行
    Company name: 美申会商业信息咨询(上海)有限公司
    Branch Code: 104290090051
    Account Number: 452062662085
  3. To confirm your wire payment,  please email or fax the bank credit note at or fax 6279-7643.
  4. For "Fapiao/发票" send us an email to with your invoice title and mailing address

Foreign Banks 

  • Bank Name: CITI BANK (CHINA) CO., LTD.
  • Company name: MEI SHEN HUI SHANG YE XIN XI ZI XUN (SHANGHAI) YOU XIAN GONG SI (please repeat account name in remark or memo area if pay through online banking)
  • Account Number: 1101169800
  • Bank Address: 30F Citigroup Tower, No.33 Hua Yuan Shi Qiao Road, Lu Jia Zui, Shanghai, 200120, China
  • Swift Code: CITICNSX

Walk-in Payment

RMB Cash or Bank Card  - RMB6,850 / per year
Please visit our office between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday to make your payment.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai
Shanghai Centre, Suite 568 1376 Nanjing Road West, Shanghai, China, 200040