Years in Business:
14 years

ThinkSmart provides professional accounting and tax services to foreign small and medium sized companies in Shanghai since 2004. We have extensive experience working with specific industries. We can provide services in English, Japanese and Chinese. 

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Years in Business:
24 years

Sanpower Group Co., Ltd. is a multi-national conglomerate whose core business engagements are within the technology and modern service industries. The Group benefits from the synergy between its five new industry of Finance, Commerce, Health, Technology, and Real Estate. more
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Years in Business:
21 years

HAND Enterprise Solutions is a leading global software service provider and developer. Celebrating it's 20th year anniversary in 2016, HAND Enterprise Solutions has been awarded top level Partnership status by both ORACLE and SAP. HAND is credited with over 10,000 projects related to ORACLE and SAP implementations, supported by 4,500 consultants and most importantly, 2,000 successful customers more

Years in Business:
49 years

Boardroom China is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Boardroom Limited, which was listed on the Mainboard of the Singapore Stock Exchange in 2000. We specialise in helping foreign investors establish and maintain their business operations in China. more
Years in Business:
154 years

With offices throughout the United States and across the globe, Foley combines powerful national resources with a local focus to deliver seamless — and award- winning — business and legal insight. Our exceptional client service, value, and innovation are continually recognized by our clients and the legal industry. more
Years in Business:
57 years

库博标准,总部设在美国密歇根州Novi市,是汽车系统和部件的全球领先供应商。产品包括车辆密封系统、燃油和制动管路系统,流体传输系统和减振系统。库博标准在全球20个国家开展业务,拥有超过30000名员工。库博标准通过有机增长及一系列战略性收购得到巨大发展。我们提倡创新和卓越运营的文化,凭借广泛的全球布局,为客户提供轻量、节能、设计优化的绿色创新解决方案。 more

Blending both Guanghua and Kellogg's long histories of academic excellence and superior management research, the Guanghua-Kellogg Executive MBA program features an integrated curriculum that equips executives with the business acumen and network necessary for success in China and worldwide. The program is designed to meet the needs of the 21st century executive and to facilitate networking with the world's most dynamic multinational companies and their more

Years in Business:
47 years

Ranked among the top three corporate service providers globally, Vistra Group is a versatile group of professionals, providing a uniquely broad range of services and solutions. Our capabilities span across international incorporations to trust, fiduciary and fund administration services. more